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What is SP95-E10?

Unleaded 95-E10 petrol contains up to 10% bioethanol, with an average pump price that’s 4 to 5 cents* cheaper than Unleaded 95 at the same station, and even cheaper than Unleaded 98.

Filling your tank with 50 litres of Unleaded 95-E10 petrol saves nearly €1.50, averaging out at €70** a year. Unleaded 95-E10 fuel tax and VAT is 2.4 cents less than Unleaded 95 since it contains slightly more ethanol*** and is therefore an eco-friendlier option: French bioethanol is produced solely from plant matter and food-processing residue, saving over 50% CO2 compared to petrol.

Unleaded 95-E10 is available in over 5,500 service stations.

It is compatible with 97% of petrol-powered vehicles on French roads (check on ).

* Source:

** when purchasing 50 litres a week.

*** Unleaded 95-E10 contains a third more ethanol, either pure or in a derivative, than Unleaded 95

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 Unprecedented agreement on better information

The French Ministries of Industry, Agriculture and the Environment, Energy and the Sea, fuel retailers, car and motorcycle manufacturers, the representatives of car dealers and repairers and vehicle inspection centres, motorists’ associations and the bioethanol industry have all joined forces to provide specific information for all motorists and motorcyclists. Different labels (“E5” for SP95 and SP98 and “E10” for SP95-E10) will be displayed inside fuel cap covers on new cars and on pumps in petrol stations. Owners of cars already on the roads today can obtain these stickers at any garage or vehicle inspection centre having committed to the E10 Charter. This means that the users of 94% petrol-powered vehicles compatible with SP95-E10 can make an informed choice to purchase the most eco-friendly, most economic fuel.